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We can supply and fit Wired and Wireless networks and network you PC's so you can share data and printers.

We can supply Network cards Wireless network cards, USB wifi adapters, PCMCIA Wifi Adapters, Routers and access points

If your wireless signal does not reach to everywhere in your home that you would like it to!

Then we have solutions that will enable you to use wireless devices in areas of your home that are out of reach of your main Wireless router, such solutions as HomePlugs and access points.

HomePlugs are a convenient solution for extending your home network by using electrical sockets and your electrical wiring, enabling an access point to be positioned in an area of your home where you could not formally get a wireless signal.

Fixed Network Cables
We can also run conventional Cat5 network cable from one building to another or from 3rd floor to a ground floor or basement.
We can also run Cat5 cable aroung a room and install Cat5 network points.







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