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Below are some answers to some questions you may have , just click the question to reveal the answer.

Yes, we can come to your home or business to resolve your computer problems. We cover all of the Weald of Kent, even going as far as Tunbridge Wells and Rye.

Yes, we can work on both PC and MAC’s, Desktops, Laptops. iMac’s and MacBooks.

Yes, I can come out your home or office and setup your computer for you. anywhere in the weald of Kent.

That depends on what is required and how long it takes, for instance, if your email accounts need to be setup and your data backed up and moved, to the new PC it will take longer.

Computers are like cars, cars need regular maintenance, and computers do too, The cooling fans suck in air and dust, and the inside of a PC can get quite dusty, causing cooling fans to get clogged with dust, and become noisy.

That depends on what the repair is: we will diagnose the problem and then let you know the cost of repair, and you can decide if you want it done, or not.

In a lot of cases a repair can be cheaper than buying a new computer.

That depends on the availability of parts, and where they come from, if you agree to the price of repair, we will order the parts and you can drop your machine in after they arrive. cutting down the amount of time you are without your computer.

Yes, we can upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, and if your machine will take it upgrade Windows 10 to windows 11.

Yes if you let us know your MAC serial number, we can let you know what MAC OSX it can take and if it can be updated, we can get the MAC OSX and update it for you.

We can clean up your PC, remove all the temp files, and unwanted programs, we can also upgrade your ram as well, which will help speed things up. For Mac’s we can run First Aid to correct any file errors and orphaned files, and this helps to make Mac’s run better.

Yes, we can provide and setup Access points. Range extenders and home plug sets, as well as point to point devices to get WI-FI to external buildings.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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