Networking Cable Installation:

Supply and instalation of ethernet cables, around your hoe or office

We supply Access Points, Wifi Adapters, Range Extenders. and HomePlug sets, to extend internet aronud your property and to the harder to reach spaces in your home or office.

We can also help you to get internet acces to harder to reach places like a home office not inside your main property.

Network Cable Installation:

We can provide ethernet cable installation either in your home or office and even to your home office in another part of your property.

We can supply and setup network Switches and Patch Panels and cable them to network ports. around your home or office to conect your PC's and printers.

TP lnk point to point bridge

Wi-Fi Bridge

If running a cable to your home office or other building is not practical then there is another solution such as a Wi-Fi Bridge.

Products like the one pictured opposite can be setup on each property

as long as there is a clear line of sight, the devices are powered

over the network cable so no need to run a cable to power them,

They have a 15km range so can provide internet in other

buildings where running a cable is not practical, because of distance.

Access Points can be connected to them to give Wi-FI access in the other building.

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