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Supply of New Computers Laptops & Tablets

We can build you a custom build PC, or upgrade & repair your existing system
We can supply you with a new Laptop or Tablet.
Upgrades to existing systems: Motherboards, Processors, Ram, Hard disk and optical drives.

Remote Support
With so many people Self isolating, we can remotly connect to your PC or Mac !
So we will not have to visit you to resolve your software issues.


We can come to you to fix your Software, Hardware, & Network Problems, we can resolve your Email problems and clean up your Computer so it performs better. And also Broadband problems.

Data Recovery Fixed Price £85

We use specialist professional level drive recovery software (used by data recovery specialists, forensic recovery teams and IT groups worldwide.)
We can recover deleted, missing and corrupt files due to accidentally formatted drives, software crashes and virus attacks.

Also if your PC or Laptop has packed up working we can remove the hard disk and return it to you in an external USB Hard disk drive caddy.so you can access your data and have it as a backup device.

You can connect the Caddy to another PC via USB, your hard disk will then appear in My Computer so you can access the data, and can also use it as a mass storage backup device for your PC or Laptop.


We can supply and fit Wired and Wireless networks and network you PC's so you can share data and printers over your network.
We can provide you with the latest Wireless devices to extend your wifi to hard to reach areas.

Laptop Repair & Upgrades.

We can replace Laptop screens, & Keyboards, Upgrade Ram & Hard disks and supply Batteries and Power adapters for most makes of laptop.


Website Design & Hosting

We can register a domain name for you, setup email accounts & Website Hosting.
We can build you a website or upgrade your existing site.
please see website Design for mor details