Computer Repairing Service

& PC Hardware Upgrades


Computer upgrades & Computer Repairing Services

If you are looking for pc upgrades or a computer reparing service we are here to help.

We are your local business offering computer repaires and upgrades for PC and MAC.

PC hardware upgrades

In most cases we can supply and fit a new motherboard, processor and ram, solid state drive,

and operating system to your existing case, saving you buying a new machine.

But making your machine up to date and like new. We can also supply new machines and laptops


We can supply and upgrade the ram on your PC & Mac, for Desktop or laptop.

(if your machine supports more ram) giving your machine more performance.

Hard Disk

We can supply new larger hard disk drives both SATA and SSD

(solid state) and we can clone your existing drive to the new larger drive and swap the drive over.

We can perform this service in both in PC’s and laptops, giving your machines more life

Hard disk cloning.

We can clone your hard disk to a new larger disk drive, and all your data and settings will be preserved.

Hard disc structure
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