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For a while now I have been "Diversifying" doing some woodwork jobs for customers and friends.
Using the skills I have built up over the years! from working at British Gates in the 1980's and many building projects.

Below are a verity of the woodwork jobs I have done for customers.
If you have any woodwork jobs, or you need somthing making or repaired. why not give me a call!


Window Repair.
Repair of a rotten window, replace with new wood painted and re glassed.


Garden Cupboard.
Made for a friend in Tenterden to their requirements .Made from pressure treated wood.


Chopping Board. (made from oak work surface off cuts)
Made for a friend who had off cuts of oak worktop.

Stair Gate (made to customers design & Colour )
Made to a customers specification, a lift off stair gate to keep small dogs out.

Wood Store (made to fit a space)
Log store made from pressure treated wood, made to fit a space between a low wall and the house wall.

Side Gate (made to size)
Side gate made of pressure treated wood, made to replace a gate for a customer who's gate was wrotten!