Apple Support

We provide support to Apple users

Apple Computers come with a easy to use Backup software called "Time Machine"

Apple Mac help

We can come out to you to provide Apple Mac help for your iMac MacBook or iPad.

You can bring your device to us to have it fixed.

some of our other apple services are listed below.

Mac Support

We provide data recover for Apple Mac Computers and Laptops,

we have an external bay for the SSD type used by MacBook Air and Pro Mack books and

can recovery your data from them.

OSX (operating System) upgrades

If your Mac OSX (operating system) has not been updated for a while, some applications , like Safari may become out of date and not support the changes in the internet, If you let us know, your Mac's serial number, we can let you know if it can be upgraded to a newer version of the Mac operating system, we can get the newer Mac operating system and update your Mac.


We can supply Apple Batteries for:

Apple iBook Series

Apple MacBook Series

Apple PowerBook Series

and more!

We also can supply AC Adapters for most Apple Products.


We can setup your iPad's Email, Wireless printing and Recommend Apps.

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